Is Gongchan really a maknae?

Vol. 7 Gongchan is the maknae who is not like a maknae?

―Now it’s about Gongchan!

Baro: Like I said before, Gongchan does really well at taking care of himself. It’s not just trying to do things that he doesn’t have to do, because he looks after the hyungs, and does things that we couldn’t have done.
Sandeul: He’s better than I am.
Jinyoung: Better than you? (laugh) By Sandeul’s standards, probably everyone in this world does well.
Everyone: (burst out in laughter)

― Of course, people who break doorknobs are really rare. (laugh)
Sandeul: That…
Gongchan: But personally, I think that’s the charm to Sandeul hyung.
Sandeul: Gongchan~ (cries) He may be the youngest, but he is a really good person who knows how to be considerate to people.
Jinyoung: Gongchan is really good at noticing things.

― Is he conscious about doing that?
Gongchan:No, it comes naturally. (As he talks, he gives out bottles of water to the members and staff.)
Sandeul: This is exactly what we mean.

― I see~
Baro: Gongchan picking up on things quickly has become a habit to him, so he occasionally brings along the things that we forgot to take out.

― How do the members react, in that case?
Baro: “Gongchan, thank you!

― So you guys don’t say things like “Gongchan, there is no need to do so”.
CNU: Of course not.
Gongchan: Everyone is very thoughtful.
Baro: Gongchan’s heart is really beautiful. Even when we are not thirsty, he brings us water.
Jinyoung: That’s what he just did.
Everyone: (laughs)
Baro: It’s not so much consideration in the form of worrying that we may be in trouble, but more of looking out for us.
Sandeul: He is the best!

― Gongchan is someone with much consideration. Did that happen after he entered B1A4?
Gongchan: It has been like this ever since I was young, because I am the eldest child at home with a younger brother.
Jinyoung: Even though he’s the youngest in B1A4, he has been the eldest at home. So he very naturally showed a hyung-like responsible side to him.
Sandeul: From the way I see it… There is a period of time where the eldest child is the only child right? He does not put too deep a thought into most things. If he had been born as the younger sibling, he would hold his elder sibling’s hands while playing, or assure them that he’s alright if they followed behind him. But as an eldest child, he has to take the lead by holding his younger sibling’s hands, and he cannot not make sure that his younger sibling is alright.
Everyone: Oh oh!
Gongchan: Sandeul hyung is doing really well too.
Sandeul: Gongchan! (cries) It’s like this that Gongchan is always making us feel good and helping us nicely.
Jinyoung: Furthermore, he is really smart!
CNU: A genius!
Baro: Really clever!!
Gongchan: (embarrassed)
Jinyoung: Because of that, he is always able to judge a situation well.

― You mean he’s able to quickly grasp the mood?
CNU: Yes!
Gongchan: In my opinion, I think CNU hyung is good at grasping the mood.
CNU: No no! (embarassed) You’re the amazing one.

― Who else in the group is also the eldest child at home?
CNU: Baro.

― That’s a surprise! So the two youngest members in the group are actually the eldest children at home.
Jinyoung: CNU, Sandeul and I are the hyungs in the group but when we get home it’s the exact opposite. (laugh)
Sandeul: That means that even though Gongchan is younger than us he is a reliable hyung?
Jinyoung: He’s not the hyung. (laugh) He’s the clean-cut maknae!
Sandeul: That’s right! The clean-cut maknae who we are very proud of!

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