INFINITE's Woohyun tries to impress a noona?

Infinite’s Nam Woohyun appeared as a ‘chaser’ chasing the heart of a woman 6 years older than him.

Nam Woohyun showed his struggling image to win the heart of a woman he chose by himself on the new program, claiming love variety ‘Lord of the Rings’. Even though Nam Woohyun is the youngest male member in the cast, he was the most active to show his charms to a woman 6 years older than him. Nam Woohyun said “(Ji)Sangryul, who appears as well, only has 3 years of difference with my dad” and even showed his wits calling him ‘dad’ which caused the set to burst in laughter.

Nam Woohyun has a high popularity with his character of ‘aegyo boy’ of Infinite, which is rising in the fandom with songs such as ‘The Chaser’, ‘Be Mine’, etc. He showed a fresh charm on ‘Lord of the Rings’ as a 91er. On the day of the filming of ‘Lord of the Rings’, Infinite’s fans gave a lot of attention to the pictures from the set uploaded on SNS services. It is said that every time Nam Woohyun underwent a crisis, he kept on showing his trademark ‘Be Mine’ dance move, melting down the hearts of the female cast members.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates
source cr; edaily