Infinite’s Woohyun, “My first acting challenge, there might be prejudices since I’m first an Idol but…”

Infinite’s Nam Woohyun revealed his determination about his first acting challenge.

On the 14th, at Gyunggido Ilsan MBC Dream Center, where the production report conference of MBC’s new sitcom ‘The Thousandth Man’ was taking place, Nam Woohyun attended and gave his impressions and showed his determination about challenging acting.

Nam Woohyun gave his impressions about participating in this sitcom, “This is my first acting challenge. At the university, I learnt a bit how to act in a play, but acting in a drama is said to be a bit different. However, my role in the drama is similar to my original personality so it’s easy relate to it.”

Nam Woohyun added, showing his determination, “There could be prejudices since I’m an idol acting, but the best way to break that is to work hard and immerse myself in acting.”

In the sitcom, Woohyun plays the role of the younger man Woohyun who’s in love with the nine-tailed fox (played by Hyomin).

Nam Woohyun (21), from the group Infinite, showed confidence in the viewers ratings of MBC’s sitcom , which is his first acting challenge.

At the production report conference of the sitcom, Nam Woohyun was asked about the viewers ratings, to which he replied, showing his big wish, “Infinite is a performance group. Infinite shows a 99.9% synchronized dance, so I hope that the viewers ratings will be as good.”

Nam Woohyun added, “I’m working with the best production crew and actors. It’s a drama, but since there’s a lot of elements that are in movies, I expect it (the viewers ratings) to be that high.”

Kang Yewon, Lee Cheonhee, Seo Kyunseok, Jeon Miseon, Park Junghak, Hyomin, Woohyun, etc appear in which will air for the first time on the 17th at 9:55PM.

Trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates
source cr; segye & sports.khan