INFINITE's Woohyun is now an actor!

INFINITE's Woohyun is challenging acting with MBC’s Friday drama ‘The Thousandth Man’.

The role Woohyun plays in ‘The Thousandth Man’ is ‘Woohyun’ who looks cool on the outside, but is a romantic charming man once you get to know him. Good looking and outgoing, he’s going to take over women’s hearts as the ‘national younger man’ (T/N: A man dating older women) armed with his honesty.

For Woohyun, ‘The Thousandth Man’ is his first acting challenge on public broadcast. After appearing last summer in the musical “Gwanghwamun Sonata’ as the hero’s son, Jiyong, he’s receiving attention as the next generation of ‘acting-dol’.

Woohyun gave us his impressions about the first filming of ‘The Thousandth Man’: “It felt like when I went to school for the first time when I was 8. That fluttering feeling lasted until the end of the filming” and “The second filming was the same feeling as when I was going back to school. Every time I’m going there, the feeling is new. I want to show such a forthright image that it doesn’t feel like I’m acting”.

Woohyun added “The member who supported me the most is Sunggyu hyung (Kim Sunggyu). The other members also told me, “Since you’re the moodmaker in the team, that will fit the sitcom’ and ‘For the people to enjoy what they watch, the person who does it has to enjoy it as well; you have to show them that you’re doing it because you really like it’”, showing their close brotherly love.

In ‘The Thousandth Man’, the nine-tailed fox (Kang Yewon) is searching for the thousandth liver needed for her to become human, while living in other people’s bodies with her family; it’s an omnibus drama talking about how they handled the events happening to them. It will be first broadcasted on the 17th at 9:55PM.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates
source cr; sports chosun