INFINITE's Woohyun enjoys thrilling stage!

What kind of man am I? ‘The Chaser’ VS ‘Only Tears’
I’m the kind of man to let her go if we really don’t have anything. But I make efforts of course. If the person I really love wants a really capable person, I’ll try to make efforts to match that… that’s pretty close from ‘Only Tears’.

I can’t lose to any other member at this!
Woohyun is excited. Lively, clear and delightful Woohyun is a part of the push-and-pull game and has the leadership to move the fans quite freely, his nickname ‘Nam-Trainer’ always follows him. That’s why this time his face is shining with honor when he got 1st place in the likeability ranking. “The fans’ likeability? Yes, I don’t really know it either. Why I got 1st place. Hahaha!” Hum. If it wasn’t for the many coarsely toothed social lives, Woohyunnie’s training can overcome it all, or it seems like it. His image is always bright and cheerful. Like a cheerful boy coming straight from a cheerful manhwa, he’s talking big saying confidently he had the confidence to be 1st place with gags too. “I’m the funniest~ haha, I think that the other members don’t have as much gag instinct as me. And I’ll get 1st place with aegyo as well.” The moment where the rumours of him being Sungjong’s rival undoubtedly became truth. “Sungjongie’s fake. Really fake. Honestly, I never ever saw Sungjongie do aegyo when he’s with me. It’s for broadcast purpose.” As he was arguing over nothing else but this, regardless of the age subject, we thought that men’s competitive spirit was really amazing. “When we’re just between us, Sungjongie really has no aegyo at all. He’s a real man.” It’s the moment Sungjongie’s unexpected image got exposed by his rival Nam Woohyun. When this kind of human instinct that makes you smile (jealousy, competitive spirit) appeared, Woohyun’s charms doubled!

Thrilling stage. I want to feel that moment’s touching feeling once again
It was a different experience. It was a different touching feeling and thrill than when I’m standing on stage as a singer, it mixes all the aspects, it was so overwhelming I can’t express it with words. I usually have this kind of personality. I’m not innocent but, depending, no, I’m very tender, I’m a pure loving man with quite a lot of tears. I’d lose my temper even if it’s something tiny, I’m the type to be touched easily, I’m often too emotional. That’s why when I got to be in the musical, I felt like I was showing my stages of development as a singer and as a musical actor, that’s why I of course joined this piece more cheerfully than usual. I guess it was my fate to sing the song Heaven. No matter on what stage it is, I like singing. The thrilling pleasure scans down your whole body. Considering it, a musical also seems like bibimbap where acting, singing and dancing have been mixed properly to give the best result. Moreover it was an opportunity to be in sync with big seniors I couldn’t learn from as a singer, so to not miss that opportunity, I think I mastered how to become stronger and find how to overcome things by myself. And I wasn’t by myself. Because I was with trustworthy leader Sunggyu hyung, I was able to carry this heavy burden. I want to do it, continuously. A pure loving man’s wish to feel that moment’s touching feeling once again, will the opportunity come again?

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