INFINITE's SungJong - 20 years old, My story!

What kind of man am I? ‘Chaser’ vs ‘Only Tears’
Because I don’t have any dating experience I feel like I have a bit of both tendencies. I don’t know how it would be but wouldn’t it differ with each person?

I can’t lose to any other member at this!
Sungjong who actually was last place for likability after being placed in seventh place in’s ‘s new corner . Although his shoulders seemed a little deflated and we pitied him a little, he is a maknae that surprisingly has calm sides. It’s certain that he wouldn’t want to accept it. But he shows gestures that make it seem he can only accept it. “What would I do? Well… although likeability is like that I think I can get first place with aegyo? Because maknae’s cuteness is my very own advantage which the hyungs don’t have, I will have to appeal that. Haha!” Although we think that he is Sungjong, the big shot in Infinite that we don’t see, he says that he’s in charge of aegyo. “Rivalry rumor between Woohyun hyung and me for aegyo? It is the truth that hyung does have an extreme amount of aegyo and that there is some sort sense of crisis but it’s not to the point of rivalry… Woohyun hyung will probably be able to get second place. (Hoot!) But… because I’m close to L hyung I want to give L hyung second place and I want to give Woohyun hyung seventh place.” Well… although it is unknown whether L will really like it but because of maknae Sungjong’s, that is particularly fond of L hyung, generous heart we want to give him first place.

20 years old, My story
I thought I would have freedom. However the situation I am in is the same and the only difference is that I see the change in physique and size. My skeleton got bigger, I keep losing weight on my face. How could it be! Although I was slightly nervous about the physical differences that I could see, I feel good because I feel like I’m growing in a good direction. Could it be from growing while doing the work I love and gaining love? It’s a really happy time. My mind has changed these days because of not only physical growth but because I also feel my mind growth. Now I have to take responsibility of something myself and go. Won’t my inner density grow with the amount of love I receive?

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