Infinite Woohyun “I have the confidence to act charmingly to fans forever”

Idol group Infinite’s Woohyun has been getting a lot of attention lately as he has revealed that he will forever be acting charmingly to fans.

Recently Woohyun had an interview with a fashion magazine and talked about his charming acts.

To a quesion that asked “Is your charmingly acts shown on broadcasts just for fan service” he replied with “I have the confidence to act charmingly forever to inspirits”.

Also, Infinite members were asked what kind of gestures would you like to show on a free stage. Hoya replied with “sexy gestures”, Sungyeol “sincere hand kiss”, L “looking eye-to-eye with every fan” which showed their love for their fans.

Along with the interview during the photoshoot for the magazine, Infinite showed a free concept with an attractive appeal which was much different to their charisma on stage. They also displayed a bright atmosphere with their playfulness and talk.