INFINITE Sunggyu's turning point?

What kind of man am I? ‘The Chaser’ VS ‘Only Tears’
The style of man I am is really close to ‘Only Tears’. I can’t be obsessed and cling very well.

I can’t lose to any other member at this!
Even though he’s not really old, he will become leader Gyu in charge of the low strength and being the eldest in Infinite. Sunggyu succeeded in entering the likeability ranking’s higher ranks by being 3rd, which reflects the best title in the team as the leader, the center’s dignity and such. Even on that day, he ended his personal schedules the latest and was the last one to be interviewed with a face white [of tiredness]. He has the sense and the quick adaptation strength to reply fast and clearly. With a joyful face, he said that while being 3rd is also an honor “Frankly, I was also very surprised and happy about being in the good impression ranking’s higher ranks. And if we had by any chance, not a good impression ranking but had to choose a ‘charisma’ ranking king, I can confidently say that I’ll be 1st.” If only he showed a bit of an embarrassed expression, but because he said it very confidently, we burst in laughter. He must have this kind of charm. And it must be why he’s the leader. Isn’t the image of him hiding completely his simple-minded side by being calm in itself cute and likeable? Well, we predict that he’s going to be 1st not particularly in charisma but also in the ‘unexpected reversal charming man’ ranking.

The musical challenge, my turning point
Through the musical, I widened my horizons a bit more. That was definitely my ‘turning point’. The musicalwhich gave me, who was running looking only forward, a new energy, I wasn’t living as Infinite’s Sunggyu in it but as the character Jiyong. Before having fun, I faced it very freshly as a new challenge meaning that it was a big event in my life and that I could do it, moreover I felt an infinite amusement living sometimes not as Infinite’s Sunggyu but as another character. It was a joy and a blessing finding that I could also enjoy something else than singing, if I get the opportunity to do a musical later on, I want to try playing the role of a boy my age.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates
source cr; mei1010 @ tumblr