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What kind of man am I? ‘Chaser’ vs ‘Only Tears’
I am definitely a ‘Chaser’. I keep being obsessed. I obsess over pretty much everything. This is a fact known by the fans and the people working in our company all know it as well. Rather than being engrossed, I’m the type to just do one thing if I get obsessed with it.

I can’t lose to any other member at this !
“I was ranked second when it came to likability… If it was eating, I could have been first, it’s too bad!” When asked about his obsession for food, it turns out that L, who looks like he wouldn’t even look at food, L, who looks like he wouldn’t even be interested in food, is quite gluttonous and his obsession for things like restaurants is quite strong. They said that L’s appetite was famous even prior to their debut. This is the reason why he frequently received food “that is good for his health” as present. Because his job requires having to continuously show his face on television and the scary teacher called ‘diet’ follows behind sweet foods, even if he eats this and that, each choice can be cut into two ways and shouldn’t be chosen carelessly. However, just like his nickname, “obsession-dol”, he is the type of person who has to go until the end whenever he starts something and thus is uncapable of giving up. “Truthfully speaking, people my age don’t usually eat foods to help their health, right? I actually eat Gong Jin Dan (T/N: a oriental medicine in a gold spherical form made with deer antlers, cornelian cherries, Korean Angelica root, and musk) and ginseng unexpectedly well. Being aware of this, our fans sometimes gift them to me. I really like it. I can say I pretty much eat everything.” It was L who looked the happiest while talking about food.

Dreaming of acting, my second leap.

In , I played the role of Lee Hyunsoo, the chic member of Eye Candy. For my first start as an actor, I thankfully heard praises that I was showing stable acting abilities. My personality of only being engrossed in one thing once I start it allowed me to put more into my acting practice. Lately, there have been lots of rumors about the continuation of my [acting] career. Well… since I am lacking a lot, I feel like I should ‘shut up’ and try anything next. After trying out, absorbing, digesting and going through all the kinds of characters, I will think about finding a role I like, a role that really was made for me. There is a character I would like to try out. A strong and powerful one like the main character of . An edgy role in which you don’t need to speak much but still get sharp action scenes. Ah ah, although there’s still a long road to go before achieving it, I can just be obsessed over one thing at a time and slowly fill it up, right?

trans. cr; saphira & hyejin @ infinite updates
source cr; mei1010 @ tumblr