Infinite L confirmed for new drama?

Will Infinite’s L be taking another challenge with acting again.

According to a broadcast representative, Infinite’s L is a strong candidate to be casted in MBC’s daily sitcom, ‘Just What is Mom’ (tentative name).

L showed an enthusiastic performance through his role as Lee Hyunsoo, who had chic charms and was in charge of the second guitar in tvN’s ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’ in January.

Also, Kim Byungman received the request of being casted in ‘Just What is Mom’ and is in the middle of reviewing his role positively, and it has also been informed that Goo Jamyung is a strong candidate to be casted as well, garnering anticipation.

Meanwhile, MBC’s sitcom, ‘Just What is Mom’ will be the follow-up production for ‘Standby’ and will be airing its first episode on October 8th.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; tv daily ; take out with full credits