INFINITE healed Noonas' hearts!

‘Hallyu-dols’, Infinite properly showed what an ‘idol’ is.

Infinite successfully opened ‘INFINITE CONCERT: That Summer’ at Seoul Gwangjin-gu AX Hall on August 9th. The performance hall, which is quite small with 2,000 seats, was filled with loud screams from the fans. Just like a Hallyu idol would, the entire performance hall was filled with fans that came from various places like Japan, China, and America. The fans who cheered on Infinite showed positive fan culture by giving rice wreaths that weighed up to 2.9 tons.

Fitting the concept of ‘That Summer’, Infinite’s performance began with fresh and cheerful stages. Continuing on, Infinite’s unique angled choreography and luxury charisma displayed the highlight of the performance, and performances dedicated to the fans were shown as well. To this, there were warm backgrounds that were created with electronic lighting, a small gift shop set, and a live band session, all which were used well.

Sunggyu and Woohyun’s singing abilities, which have been known through KBS 2TV ‘s ‘Immortal Song’, were quite true and Hoya, who is currently enthusiastic as the cute Kang Junhee on tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’, displayed potential as ‘all-around idol’ in rapping, singing, and dancing. Dongwoo, who showed differences in his dancing and rapping, L, who showed his rapid growth in vocals and his electric guitar skills, Sungyeol, who satisfactorily showed his practiced drum skills, and with Sungjong’s keyboard playing skills, Infinite’s personal charms captured the fans.

The ‘Real’ Idols’ Dignity That Healed Noonas’ Hearts

The first performances were ‘She’s Back’ which has Infinite’s unique fresh color, ‘That Summer’ which emphasizes the harmony of all the members, ‘Amazing’ which has a sweet love confession, ‘I Like You’ which is created with a bright and cute dance, and finished with a Bossa Nova version of ‘Wings’.

In between performances, Dongwoo’s cheerful dance and flashy raps shone, and Sunggyu and Woohyun’s sturdy vocal capabilities were clearly displayed. L, Sungjong, and Sungyeol showed a wonderful harmony as well. The vocal abilities that Infinite showed in the beginning proved that they weren’t simply a visual group.

Continuing on, Hoya raised the anticipation for their ‘angled choreography’ by saying, “Aren’t you a bit bored because we’re not dancing? Don’t worry, you’ll die later on.” He gave a preview by saying, “If we sang emotional songs up till now, then now we’ll perform songs that fit the summer vacation theme.”

Soon they heated up the stage with ‘Nothing’s Over’ and ‘Cover Girl’. Like a summer vacation, the clip with tubes and amusement parks on the electric screen emphasized Infinite’s bright charms. Infinite’s faces were full of bright smiles as they communicated with fans in the standing area while freely running on stage. Wouldn’t you say this is the ‘healing’ of summer vacation.

# Solo Stages, You Need to Do Infinite’s Amount at Least…

Hoya and Dongwoo coolly performed ‘When You’re Not Here’. Hoya, who prepared an unbuttoned suit and sunglasses as the stage costume and Dongwoo, who wore sexy white tones, sat in luxurious chairs and showed off the charm of ‘men’. Their unique rap and sad lyrics mixed together, created a heated response.

Sunggyu and Woohyun presented ‘White Confession’. Sunggyu and Woohyun’s rare special stage made one think of a comfortable winter scene, and showed a different charm from Hoya and Dongwoo’s duet.

‘Infinite Band’ (Drums: Sungyeol, Bass: Dongwoo, Guitar: L, Keyboard: Sungjong) also gave a heated performance. The live performance of the classic song, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, which was modified, and laser show was completed with the members’ hard work. Dongwoo got blisters on his fingers from practicing the bass while L, who was acknowledged for his electric guitar skills on tvN’s ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’, showed rapid improvement.

As Expected of Angled Group Choreography Idols, They Make the Sound of ‘Oppa’ Come Out

Continuing on from the heated mood that Infinite Band created, ‘1/3’ was performed and made the concert hall into a club mood. Infinite’s unique strength, ‘angled group choreography’, was also shown in their shuffle dancing. The following songs, ‘Hysterie’ and ‘BTD’, were enough to receive the compliment of ‘as expected of angled group choreography idols’.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘BTD’, which displayed an intro with a fierce rock sound, was the highlight of the concert. Their scorpion dance and the members’ charisma was enough for even noonas in their 20’s to make the sound of ‘oppa’. If ‘BTD’ appeared as a hot, flaming performance, then they created as chic, cold performance with ‘Paradise’. ‘Feel So Bad’, which has a fast tempo, was shown as a cool performance as a special service for fans.

From ‘The Chaser’, ‘Be Mine’, to ‘Come Back Again’, it was an excellent performance to show why Hallyu idols have popularity with their angled group choreography and sturdy lives.

# Another Game Point, Variety Show-dols Infinite

The bridge video and making videos of Infinite, which were played while preparing for the performance, were enough to make fans scream. Infinite showed their variety show skills with the concept of going camping at a place that no one knows of. The members of Infinite did various activities such as the truth game, rolling paper (T/N: where you write letters on paper and roll it up), and the knowledge game of Infinite.

In the truth game, Hoya asked L if it was true that “I think that I’m the best looking”, and L burst out laughing after answering it with “Yes”. There was also a small amount of dissing towards their company’s CEO. Sungjong gave a mischievous request to Sunggyu by saying, “Give three reasons why you don’t like our CEO”, and Sunggyu answered, “He nags a lot and I don’t like that he’s timid.” On the other hand, Woohyun swiftly added, “I’m thankful to him for creating me.”

Sungyeol asked Sunggyu if it was true that, “I honestly know that I didn’t come into this group because of my looks,” and he embarrassingly asked this while adding, “I’m really sorry, there’s someone making me ask this.” Sunggyu clearly answered, “If you ask it seriously like that, then I’ll feel bad. I think that there’s an impact in my looks.”

The brotherly friendship in the idol group, Infinite, where there is no one who is treated as an outcast, brought out warm smiles during the rolling paper session. There was a warm piece of advice on L’s rolling paper that said, “Don’t rush your choices” and a playful remark of, “Please gain some modesty about your face”.

To Dongwoo, there were funny comments like, “It’s scary because you open your eyes while sleeping”, “Let’s read a lot of books”, “You’re really kind and nice, but I can’t communicate with you”. To Sungyeol there was, “I like that you’re honest. However, when you’re too honest, it brings out angry. Watch out for backstabbing”, to Woohyun there was, “If you keep throwing hearts, there won’t be anything to do later on,” to Hoya there was, “Although you’re good at dancing and manly, you’re a bit timid”, “Please train your thoughts rather than your body,” and “Don’t keep your worries to yourself and tell us them”.

To Sungjong, there were mischievous remarks from the hyungs such as, “I sincerely congratulate you on becoming an adult”, “There was a time that I secretly wore your underwear” and leader Sunggyu was attacked with, “Please flush after using the toilet”, making the concert hall chatty. However, Sunggyu sent out touched feelings by writing, “Although this is the age where you have a lot of worries, you’re going to get old if you worry about them on your own. Let’s all do it together.”

The knowledge test about Infinite was formatted with L receiving the members’ questions and answering them. Sunggyu who said he has small eyes, Dongwoo who said his lips are big, Woohyun who said his girlfriend left him because his signs of affection were too much, Sungyeol who is worrying about his elementary schooler image, and Hoya who showed gags by using ‘Reply 1997’, did not allow you to take your eyes off them for one second.

Meanwhile, Infinite continuously cutely requested, “Please stay in order” because they were worried about accidents that may happen in the standing area. All of the members showed their modesty of bowing 90 degrees and said, “Thank you for giving up your golden time to us.” Infinite, who filled up the small concert hall for 2 hours, we wouldn’t be embarrassed to put them anywhere in the world.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
source cr; newsen