INFINITE Dongwoo's pride?

What kind of man am I? ‘The Chaser’ VS ‘Only Tears’
It’s hard to say because I never really loved as much as in the lyrics of Infinite’s songs but if I really like her, I think it will be hard to let her go. I think I will express my feelings until the end.

I can’t lose to any other member at this!
Dongwoo has this charm to make us forget the time passing by with his energetic witty chat with Hoya that makes it sound like a comical talk from a gag. He’s full of infinite energy, always giving priority to honesty, he’s spreading the happy virus around him but even that day, the influential perfectly synchronized rapper line showed more than enough of their skills.

Hoya: It was a reality that was created with just a purpose and without a script.
However, it seems like there was quite an amount of people who watched it.
My specialty is that I have a strong will first! I’m confident in it, strong will. It’s that I won’t give up.
Dongwoo: I have confidence in this one. Positive virus!
Hoya: What else do I have?
Dongwoo: You? You have a lot. Dance, tenacity. This friend is very perseverant.
Strong will, tenacity, it’s all similar words but all these words match him.
Hoya also does his best exercising. He plays soccer well too.
Hoya: Alright then Dongwoo hyung has… gums! No, of course not, he can be the 2nd place for gums. Sungyeol is the gums captain. Actually, you can see Dongwoo hyung’s teeth more than his gums. His two front teeth are quite big too.

That’s it. These two’s harmony is made of positive strong will and humor. Honestly, we wondered if setting a ranking was this important. Because no matter what other people say, Infinite’s natural minds won’t change.

Hairstyle is my pride
I really like the color green and among the various propositions for my hairstyles, I always suggest green hair color but they always decide to dye, at the opposite, a bright and strong color. Actually, I don’t know if you know this, but even just for hair dyeing, I’m lucky. Among Infinite members, the person who’s able to have various dyeing procedures is ‘only me’. We all try. The only one remaining are the ones which their colors fit the best. Ah, I found another comrade. It’s Hoya. Hoya is famous for usually liking the color purple, and the hair color purple fits him well too. He has a satisfying sense. Since I found a comrade, my joy is doubled. Hoya gave me a nickname matching my hair color. ‘Pebble color’. Pebble beaches aren’t like sandy beaches, they’re beaches made of rocks, he says that the color of my hair is the same as the color of the rocks. This summer, I’ll go to a pebble beach and take a pretty picture so that my confidence will increase even more. Eumhahaha!

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates
source cr; mei1010 @ tumblr