INFINITE donates 3 tons of rice to charity

Idol group INFINITE donated all the rice wreaths that their fans sent for their concert.

On August 20th, Dreami Company, which helped INFINITE’s rice donation, announced that they delivered 2960 kg of rice wreaths to a charity by the request of INFINITE and their agency.

The rice was originally given to the group by their noona fans during their ‘That Summer’ concert which was held at Seoul Gwangjang Ax-Korea on the 8th through the 12th. INFINITE has now donated the rice to the Holt’s Children’s Services to help feed poor children.

This donation was the third one just in this year, and an official from the charity said, “I’d like to express the sincerest thanks to INFINITE and their fans for the rice. We will use them to help poor neighbors.”

Source: StarN News