INFINITE and miss A’s Min tweet support for Tasty

Having finally released their debut album earlier today, new duo group Tasty has received support from senior idol groups like INFINITE and miss A.

Fellow Woollim Entertainment’s artist INFINITE showed their support for the group through Twitter. Member Dongwoo tweeted, “Neuahah I’m feeling good~.~ We, INFINITE, found a family!!!Heuheu you’re curious right~!? Really hotly! Exceptional family~ It will be revealed today at midnight on Youtube, anyone watching it with me?”

Sungyeol also tweeted, “Tasty teaser revealed on Woollim’s Youtube!!! My juniors!!! I finally got them~~”. Sungjong added, Ah right~ Tasty !!!!! MV released tonight at midnight!!!!!!! I’m looking forward to it!!!!! Fighting!”

Woohyun then corrected Sungjong and jokingly posted, “Ah it’s Tasty’s song and not their music video =_= Did I perform too passionately at the concert … I’ve lost my mind. It’s not Taste, it’s Tasty ! Ty Ty Ty Ty !! Fighting!! Sungjong is also an idiot~~ It’s certified.”

Tasty members Jung Daeryong and Jung Soryeong are former JYP Entertainment trainees and miss A’s Min also showed her support for the group by tweeting, “My good friends Tasty is coming out tomorrow!!! Finally ): check the out guys!!!”

Check out Tasty’s album here.

Credit: Infinite Updates