Hyunseung improved his singing skills through musical!

“I love you.”

You can receive all the love from the public one second, but in another, you can be headed straight for the ground. That is the rule of the entertainment industry. When did this happen? You can assume that this happened at least before the 1700s when the musical prodigy Mozart had lived.

In the musical , Mozart goes through horrible growing pains. For Mozart, who left his home to find freedom, he grows up tasting the sweet and bitter flavors of society. However, he realizes that he had grown up as a person after he loses his mother and father. In the end, he dies not being able to finish his Requiem (music to encourage the souls of the dead).

Mozart grew up listening to the people call him a prodigy. His life strangely resembles an idol who lives and dies from popularity. Maybe that’s the reason, but you can feel that the Jang Hyunseung (BEAST) challenged goes beyond the boundaries of imagination and reality.

Jang Hyunseung approached this first chance at musical acting through . He must have gone through so much pressure with his sunbae JYJ Kim Junsu finishing the musical very successfully and as he was casted with Park Euntae and Im Taekyung. However, Jang Hyunseung put all the behind and stood proudly as the prodigy Mozart at the Sejong Culture Hall.

Because it was his first time, there were a lot of things he was clumsy at. He didn’t lose his focus and concentration, but it was expected of him. The movements he made wasn’t natural and it resembled more of a calculated movement. However, music was on his side. He filled his acting with his singing. At the sound of his voice longing for love with his two arms wide open, even the Japanese audience who came to watch the performance automatically clapped for him.

that began on July 10th ended on the 4th few days back. Jang Hyunseung had succesffuly completed his first challenge and returned to his original occupation as a singer. To him, was a chance and a part of his growing pains. The decisions he make in the future will clearly show from now on.