HaHa believes he has a chance with Son Ye Jin

HaHa revealed that he thinks he has a chance with one of his ideal types, actress Son Ye Jin.

On the August 2nd broadcast of tvN’s “TAXI”, HaHa appeared as guest and listed his ideal types were miss A’s Suzy, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Taeyeon as well as actresses Kim Sa Rang and Son Ye Jin.

MC Gong Hyung Jin asked HaHa, “If you can go out with one of your ideal types and if that meant that you could never see the rest, who would you choose to go out with?” Seemed to lose his mind, HaHa eventually picked Son Ye Jin.

He explained, “The really sly thing about me is that.. I picked the person who I have a little bit of a chance with. She doesn’t seem to dislike me”, showing his confidence that made the two MCs laugh out loud.

They asked HaHa to give the actress a call. While Son Ye Jin is on the line, HaHa stated, “She is so nice. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever called her… and the first time I’ve spoken to her as friends.”

Source: Nate