G.O talks about being an actor with Star!

Rather than being an eye-catching actor, I prefer to be a steady actor

Not having a flashy start. That was also his decision. Through Wednesday-Thursday Mini Series “GHOST” (Screenwriter by Kim Eun Hee and Director by Kim Hyung Suk), G.O challenged acting for the very first time, and silently completed his responsibilities on acting. You totally can’t see the trails of G.O with the powerful and brilliant vocal performances on stage. However, you can only see the Lee Tae Gyun who respects Kim Woo Hyun, Leader of the Cyber Investigation Department.

What are your thoughts after completing the mini series?
=Very remorseful. Even every moments when I was shooting, I was always feeling remorseful due to my inability of putting trust in myself. If I asked the Director whether he said OK because he really thought that it was alright, Director often laughed at me. Thus, I always have thoughts on whether I’d cause damage to the layout as well as the complete structure of the mini series.

What were the reaction of the MBLAQ members towards G.O’s acting?
=Actually the three of us, Seungho, Mir and I, went for the audition for Tae Gyun’s role. Even though I was selected in the end, the rest of the members congratulated and supported me by looking at my performance even when they were busy.

Did the senior actors give you lots of guidance and help in the set?
=(Im) Ji Kyu Hyung and Senior Baek Seung Hyun gave me lots of choices and suggestion on acting by saying “It’ll appear this way if you act it that way, why don’t you try other ways”, rather than telling me “I should do that”. I got to be closer with So Ji Sub Hyun on the later part of the show. He told me not to covet with the weight of my role in order to play for a long time.

There were many people who didn’t recognize you, G.O, in the mini series. There were no controversies with your acting too.
=I’m very thankful. I didn’t have the thought of “why didn’t you recognize me”. In fact, thinking it on the bright side, it became a drive or force for me. I think the weight of my role couldn’t judge whether my acting would cause any controversies. On the other hand, I should still do my best in acting regardless of the weight of my role.

Many idols started off from acting. Do you feel pity about it?
=My biggest wish was to be able to naturally go into acting. I was determined to become one role, which others won’t particularly look for that person in the role, and also does not hinder everyone in general. Rather than being an eye-catching actor, I prefer to be a steady actor. Rather than seeing articles about me on the message board, I prefer reading articles on this great series ” Ghost”.

Credit: NAVER
TRANSLATION: icarus@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.