G.NA releases “Tell Me Now” for ‘The Thousandth Man’ OST

Following B1A4’s OST single, singer G.NA also lent her voice for the soundtrack of MBC’s upcoming fantasy series ‘The Thousandth Man’.

On August 30th, G.NA released her latest track “Tell Me Now” for the Part 3 of the drama’s OST single album. The new ballad features the sweet and high-toned vocals of G.NA which fit perfectly in the lovely melody of the song.

Meanwhile, ‘The Thousandth Man’ tells the story of a nine-tailed fox that must feed on 999 livers from men in order to become a human. Played by Hyomin, the nine-tailed fox struggles to find the 1,000th liver, which has to come from the man she truly loves.

Updated: Music video added.