Eunjung and agency confused by the news, "We hadn't received any notice"!

"Just yesterday I was at script reading with Changwook oppa...."

T-ara's Eunjung did not know she was removed from the cast of SBS "Five Fingers".

On the 22nd, an acquaintance of Eunjung said, "Last Sunday they had test filming and just had the script reading yesterday and she can't believe she was suddenly removed. Now she can't do anything. She can only wait for the SBS drama producer's decision."

Eunjung's agency said, "Eunjung definitely did not voluntarily decide to leave the drama. We haven't received any notices in her being removed from the show yet from SBS. We will make an aggressive response to the production side if that is the decision made."

SBS and the drama producers both have contradicting statements. SBS has said now that Eunjung leaving the drama is "not confirmed."

Eunjung's agency also said that Eunjung received more than one lead role drama offer, but she chose "Five Fingers" and is now extremely devastated.

They also said, "She has already received a portion of her salary and has been practicing piano hard for her role. The media reports saying she is no longer cast because of PPL we don't know anything about."

Eunjung was scheduled to begin appearing in the fifth episode.

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Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem