Eru is trying to convince BEAST's Junhyung.....

Eru is working with BEAST's Yong Junhyung.

The title song "Hate You" off of Eru's new mini album 'Feel Brand New Part.2' has been born as the new hit emotional song thanks to BEAST Yong Junhyung's rap featuring. The mixture of Eru's vocals and Yong Junhyung's rap helps the song give off a new modern taste.

By displaying Yong Junhyung directly in the teaser video clip, Eru attracted the attention of many fans. In the music video, Eru and Junhyung will be switching off singing and rapping their parts, creating a whole new different atmosphere.

About working with Yong Junhyung Eru said, "He is someone who is really good at rapping. I was scared and nervous at the same time wondering if he would match me well. I was someone who always did ballad songs, so I never tried a dance genre before. Baek Jiyoung noona had been a dance singer before so she matched well with him, but I was curious about how I would turn out. But, Junhyung worked to match me well. His voice was good and since he is a good rapper, everything went smoothly."

He said, "Before I recorded, I talked a lot with the composers. The song 'Hate You' was supposed to be a unit song. The role of the rapper makes a greater impact on this song compared to any others. It's almost as if I sang the chorus to a rap song. And because the rapper role was big to fill, I realized that I really needed to find someone who was a great rapper."

In addition he said, "I thought about it for a while and in the past I really wanted to give a song to BEAST so I gave him a call. Junhyung agreed right away that he will help out. He is a great friend you can rely on. When we were practice recording he was just mumbling some words, but everyone was satisfied. We convinced him to do this song with us no matter what."

Eru had even wrote the music video scenario himself. He was thinking about a story that everyone could agree with and he wanted to film the story of a bad woman. Not some unfaithful woman, just a bad woman.

Eru stated, "The music video itself is a half screen. Yong Junhyung and I both get the farewell message on the same screen. One man through a phone call and the other man through his girlfriend herself. Both suffer from the pain. Then the two men gather at one place and tell their story through singing and rapping. If you watch the music video until the end, you will think that this can actually happen in real life."

Eru's new song and music video will be released on August 8th through various music sites.

Source: NEWSEN