Doojoon & Kwanghee join 'Return of the Family'!

Idol group BEAST's member Yoon Doojoon and ZE:A's member Hwang Kwanghee have been cast for the movie 'Return of the Family'.

Along with actors Jung Junho and Kim Minjung, Park Geunhyung, Sung Dongil, Yoo Donggeun, Yoon Doojoon, Hwang Gwanhee, etc. have joined the 'Return of the Family'(Director Kim Yonggi, Produced by Taewon Entertainment) cast.

'Return of the Family' is the 5th installment in 'the Family' series and takes place 10 years after the first movie 'Glory of the Family'.

Also, now that their kids are all grown up, their childrens' problems bother them too. Yoon Doojoon was cast as eldest grandson Jang Youngmin who stands as the centre of the 3J family's problems. Hwang Gwanghee and girl group Apink's member Son Naeun was also cast.

Filming for 'Glory of the Family5 - Return of the Family' will start next month'

TVdaily (SOURCE)