Did B1A4's Sandeul do well as an actor?

B1A4’s Sandeul performed perfectly on stage.

Sandeul is currently performing in ‘They were Brave’, the musical, as Joo Bong, the younger brother. Sandeul performed his 10th stage on August 2nd, while his first performance stage was on July 13th. That was also the first time he acted with Kim Jaebum, who acted as Seok Bong, the older brother of Joo Bong.

In the musical ‘They were Brave’ is about Lee Seokbong, who was a disgrace to the family, and Lee Joobong, who returned home after 3 years of abandoning his parents after hearing about his father’s death.

The two brothers, who haven’t seen each other in a very long time, fights all the time and also runs into fights with the adults. The adults even call them “Seokbong, who should rot to death, and Joobong, who should be killed”

(t/n:In the word ‘rot’, the beginning letter is ‘seok’ and in the word ‘killed’, the first letter of it is ‘joo’, so it’s a bit of an alliteration.)

To those brothers, a beautiful woman named Aurora, tells the two that their father left a huge inheritance. The two brothers have an argument that they will marry Aurora and also take the inheritance for their own. Joobong, the character Sandeul is acting as, is very smart and went to a good university, but doesn’t have a job yet. Being impaitent and stubborn, he fights with his brother, Seokbong, often. He refused to bow to the portrait of his deceased father by saying that he was a Christian.

Actually, Sandeul had the least amount of practice due to the promotions of B1A4. People were worried that Sandeul wouldn’t be able to go through the 2 hour musical without making a mistake… But Sandeul changed their minds after his first stage of the musical. He fit in well with the setting of the story thanks to his fluent Busan dialect. Although he tensed up during the parts where he had his lines and his solos, he continued his acting and his singing by being calm.

Also, even if it was the two ‘brothers’ Kim Jaebum and Lee Sandeul’s first stage performed together, they acted in perfect harmony. The audience who watched their acting said “They seem like real brothers”

Sandeul’s another positive point was that he worked his hardest, although he wasn’t the main character of the musical. He showed the audience a professional stage by doing his best, and at the curtain call, did a tumbling act and made cute faces, giving the audience some ‘fan service’.

To this side of Sandeul, not only the fans, but the audience showed soaring popularity to him. Also, after giving Kim Jaebum a accidental kiss, the entire audience roared with cheers. Fans of Sandeul clapped for all the actors and actresses who performed with Sandeul, and had a fun time watching the musical.

The musical, ‘They were Brave’ starring Kim Dohyun, Kim Jaebum, Sung Dooseob, Jo Kanghyun, and B1A4’s Sandeul, will be performed until October 1st at the Ko-ex Hyundai art hall.

Article Credits: tvdaily via nate + Glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: Crazy bunny@ FLIGHTB1A4.COM