D-Unit's Wooram wanted to perform with her sister Boram!

After the situation with Hwayoung's contract being terminated and her leave from T-ara, it was announced T-ara would stop all activities and schedules. T-ara's Boram's sister Wooram, who is part of the group D-Unit, has said she was disappointed she couldn't share the stage with her sister yesterday.

T-ara was supposed to perform at the SBS "K-POP EXPO Super Concert" yesterday (August 1st). T-ara Boram's real little sister, Wooram, who belongs to the girl group trio D-Unit, also performed. Because of the forced cancellation of activities, Wooram wasn't able to stand next to her sister on stage, which was something she was looking forward to.

D-Unit's Wooram said, "I was so excited to stand on the same stage as my sister Boram. But due to the recent internal group problems, we couldn't. I'm a little disappointed by this, but I know my sister will return giving the best of her ability in performances."

D-Unit will officially debut on August 3rd.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120802n11010
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem