CNBLUE’s Minhyuk poses for “Allure” magazine

CNBLUE’s drummer Kang Minhyuk appeared in the latest spread for beauty and lifestyle magazine, “Allure”.

Currently receiving much love as Cha Se Kwang in KBS’ ‘Unexpected You’, Minhyuk showed a more serious and charismatic image which contrasts with the youthful and upbeat character he plays in his drama.

During an interview, Minhyuk talked about his role and drama’s main character Bang Gui Nam (played by Yoo Joon Sang). He said, “Bang Gui Nam is exactly the image I had of a good man. If I find someone who I like, I think I can be a better husband than him.”

He also shared CNBLUE’s future plans and revealed that he will be focusing on music for the time being.

Source: Nate