CNBLUE gets humiliated by tall women volleyball players

The CNBLUE members, who are well known to be pretty tall boys in the music industry, no longer have the height advantage next to Korean national female volleyball players.

On August 22, CNBLUE’s member Lee JungShin posted on Twitter, “Hello everybody~ this is JungShin, with a survival report after a long time! Although it is a little belated, it is unfair so I’m uploading it like this. It’s the first time a lady bended knees while taking picture with us. It’s the first time, though me and YongHwa hyung both bended our knees… Athlete Kim YeonKyung, athlete Yang HoJin.. I’ll won’t forget, haha just joking~ will always be cheering for you. It’s been hard on all Olympics athletes, fighting!”

In the photo, JungShin and YongHwa is seen posing with volleyball players Kim Yeon Kyung and Yang HyoJin. The players are bending their knees to adjust their heights for the boys, which evoked laughter to everyone.

Netizens commented, “Who knew CNBLUE would be humiliated over height?” “Wow, Kim Yeon Kyung is really tall” and “Good job at the Olympics. I enjoyed watching you guys playing.”

Credit: cnbluestorm