CN Blue's Minhyuk talks about hobbies,stress and more!

Sometimes you feel like eating a normal yet unfamilar fruit, after having a bite, you realise that you fall in love with it unintentionally. Indeed, Kang Minhyuk is the one that have that potential, and people are curious what happens if he becomes even more mature in the future.

He hopes to be both a drummer and an actor at the same time, so that he can provide a stronger recognition from fans. Like hoping we will say,’ ah, it is Kang Min Hyuk’ when his part is being broadcasted and when he is on stage, we will praise him and say,’ ah, CNBLUE drummer Kang Min Hyuk!’ As compared to now, more hard work is needed.

RIGHT now, my motto is working hard. Music and acting, these are all something I like, hence I can say I have some level of confidence. No matter what, I will be responsible and do my best! When I was chosen in the beginning, my thought was ‘Once I am serious, everything is possible!’, so I was not afraid at all. I feel really happy learning from the seniors and I start to feel sense of achievement.

WE (SURE Magazine Editors) have provided two different themes for photo shooting, one as CNBLUE drummer KANG MINHYUK and the other one as ‘My Husband Got a Family/Unexpected You‘ Cha SeKwang. Like what we have predicted, he would choose to be Cha SeKwang.

The setting was set as ‘the day before actual prize ceremony, returning to the hotel after the rehearsal’. When he entered the hotel room that day for the photoshoot, he was walking in like a giraffe with his 184cm height, yet his face is only like the size of a fist. It feels like the celling was dropping! We passed him a burger to fill his empty stomach, he smiled after having a bite, and said,’it is really yummy!’ with his thumb up. We felt a sense of satisfaction upon seeing his reaction. However, the atmosphere turned soon, as recently he has become the topic of everyone, yet we can feel his loneliness. He is indeed the quiet man. Although we have read through his background, we nearly wanted to ask about his hometown again. He does not talk much and does not have much expression. Yet, the answer he gave was realistic and systematics.

Q: What is the most common topic you have heard recently?
A: Sekwang, all about his role and the show. Once in awhile, I would hear,’ Ahh, he is the drummer from CNBLUE ah?’  I feel very good as it seems that more people start to notice about CNBLUE.

Q: Guess many people have asked you about Malsook? What type of girl does you dislike?
A: Ahhh.. Bang Malsook! (Smile) No matter how I like someone, if her character is really unbearable, I don’t really think I have strong feeling. It is not just one or two times, so it is hard to tolerate such behavior.

Q: What is the different between standing on stage and acting?
A: I have phobia with the camera since I was young. Every time when my mom is taking a photo of me, I would end up crying and say,’ I don’t like’ and then reject. In the past, I would shake in front of the camera, it is much better now. Plus acting does not require direct camera capturing as well.

Q: What do you do during your free time?
A: I will exercise more during summer, as it is good for health, I would exercise until I can’t take it.  As an actor, we need to be good at different things. Most of the times, I would stay at home, as I feel most comfortable in my room.

Q: What do you care most as a 22 year old man?
A: Ermm.. Car? In the past, sleeping is always the method to replenish my energy. Now, I found a new way. Driving can release stress. There is some many handsome cars in the world, I like mini cars recently. I am thinking to buy a house for my parent first before I would buy a car that I like.

Q: No matter how optimistic you are, do you feel very stressful?
A: I am too busy recently to feel any stress as my main concentration is on acting and accommodating to my schedules.  Plus, I am someone that let go easily and not so particular, hence I don’t have much stress.

Q: Do you have any new thing you wish to learn?
A: I have too many things that I want to learn, from playing instruments, surfing, swimming, golf and more. Especially I am someone that really like sport, so I am very eager to learn every single sport that I see.

Q: Are you confident to say,’I am better than someone at something?’
A: Don’t think so? If it is a must to say something, it is ‘passionate’? First thing is I am still young, I guess I still have unlimited amount of energy.

Q: Who do you rely on most recently?
A: CNBLUE MEMBERS! We live together that why we are very close. So everytime when I finish a schedule, they will always be the one welcoming me home dearly. Next are my classmates, I really appreciate and thank them for supporting my acting and providing feedback. And so, it has become very clear that they are the people that I will need for long.

Translated from Chinese by:  Huangyu @ CNBStorm
Edited by: D @CNBStorm
Source: SURE Magazine, August 2012
Translation to Chinese by BOICE parishin0915