CN Blue's Jonghyun was once a judo athlete?

It has been revealed that Lee Jong Hyun, who played Colin in the SBS drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity,’ was actually once a judo athlete.

Lee Jong Hyun, who is a both a guitarist and vocalist in the band CN Blue, played the role of Colin, Jang Dong Gun’s son in the drama.

Lee Jong Hyun revealed in a recent interview with a newspaper, “I was a judo athlete until junior high. I once won a gold medal at an individual competition during that time. Since I like judo, I always had an interest in acting in action scenes. This is something that I have always wanted to do before I ever acted professionally.”

The fact that Lee Jong Hyun was a judo athlete was already known while the drama was broadcasting, but because of the 2012 London Olympics that are taking place at the moment, the news is again attracting much attention.

Lee Jong Hyun has finished filming for ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity.’ Currently, he is planning to go overseas for his activities with CN Blue.

Source: koreaportal