BEAST's Dongwoon met his high school classmate!

During BEAST's guerrilla date, member Son Dongwoon coincidentally met his high school classmate. 

KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ which was aired on the 18th of August, revealed the live scene of their date. On this day, a female fan suddenly ran towards them. It was later understood that this female did such sudden actions not because she’s a passionate fan, it was because she’s a high school classmate of Son Dongwoon. Delighted with joy, she ran to them, leaving Son Dongwoon both surprise and happy at the same time. Both of them held hands without knowing what to do.

She revealed some of Dongwoon’s stories, creating much laughter. While talking about his past, his relationship with females and also revealed that “He had girlfriend in school before”, leaving Dongwoon in a panic state.

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Source: Newsen