BEAST, “No regrets with transformation… increasingly handsome-looking”!

Through their comeback on KBS Music Bank on the 27th, BEAST’s leader, Yoon Doojoon expressed satisfyingly, “This image transformation seems to suits us a lot.”

Yoon Doojoon, had a tele-conversation with OSEN on the 27th, laughingly, he stated, “In fact, among BEAST, the only member whom we’re worried about is sexy member, Kikwang”, “But this transformation seems appropriate. The members are not serious, so this song suits our personality well."

BEAST’s new song, “Beautiful Night” threw away the synchronized group choreograph and dark image, using a liberal stage presence and luxurious image to challenge as “Playful Oppas”. They stated that during the world tour, they have accumulated fans interaction experience, and will use this in their new song. The members have opposed towards their company in using the mainstream music to promote, and also insisted on using this song as their title track.

Yoon Doojoon expressed, “Actually we really worried a lot. There were lots of frustrations as well, but we didn’t regret this choice at all. Although the results may not be great like it used to, but we really want to be more handsome. We still won’t know how tomorrow will be like, but transformation seems to be an important thing.”

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Source: Osen