B.A.P’s Himchan thanks fans with handwritten letter

B.A.P’s Himchan has expressed his appreciation for the fans through a handwritten letter.

On August 12th, B.A.P’s offical fan cafe uploaded a photo of a handwritten letter by Himchan, expressing his thanks for the fans in their 200th day anniversary celebration.

Himchan wrote, “To Baby: Time has slowly passed as we started to get to know each other. One day then two days passed to become 200 days. Do you guys know us a little better now? I think I know our BABY a little more now ^^! You know that we have more time to look forward to right? You know any relationship is bound to end. But I think of it as a romantic relationship without goodbyes. So let’s continue to make a new memory together BABY. I love you.”

Not only the fans were touched by his heartwarming message, they were also impressed with Himchan’s pretty and neat handwriting which reflected his pretty face.