B2ST’s Lee Kikwang claims himself unpopular

B2ST’s member Lee Kikwang gained attention with his opinion of being not popular.

On the August 27th episode of KBS2’s talk show “Hello Everyone”, B2ST members appeared as guests and provided some lively entertainment as well as talked about viewers’ different troubles.

Member Son Dongwoon who previously shared his concern on the show two years ago saying he was “too good looking”, remarked, “My concerns have been getting more serious.”

To this, Kikwang added, “Dongwoon is the most popular one in the Arab region.”

When asked in which part of the world was he popular, Kikwang humbly replied, “I’m not that popular.” As everyone expressed their disbelief, he explained, “It’s true. Yoseob seems to be popular wherever he goes.”

Source: TV Report