B2ST’s Doojoon keeps his promise with Jung Hyung Don

B2ST’s Doojoon recently kept his promise that he made long ago with Jung Hyung Don.

Back on December 31st 2011, Doojoon signed a contract with Jung Hyung Don which stated, “I, Yoon Doojoon will accept an invitation from beloved brother Jung Hyung Don to make an appearance on ‘Weekly Idol’ with five group members when we make our comeback.”

Just as promised, Doojoon brought his B2ST members to ‘Weekly Idol’ recording on August 22 with the contract after making their ccomeback.

At the set, Doojoon shared, “I’m happy I’m finally able to keep my word with Hyung Don hyung after we released our new song”, before giving copies of their newest CD to the two MCs.

Jung Hyung Don responded, “B2ST finally came to ‘Weekly Idol’. I prepared a present for the group”, and handed them a box of Donidoni Donkatsu.

The episode will be aired on August 29.

Source: Xportsnews