B1A4′s Jinyoung cameos in ‘The Thousandth Man’!

B1A4′s Jinyoung will be cameoing in ‘The Thousandth Man’.

Jinyoung will be appearing as young Minkyu who suffers from the pain of a first love on the third episode of MBC’s fantasy sitcom ‘The Thousandth Man’ airing 31 August.

Group B1A4, which Jinyoung belongs to, has received much love for their ‘The Thousandth Man’ OST ‘Hey Girl’, and now he goes on to attract attention with his acting challenge.

The character Minkyu, whom Jinyoung plays, is an ordinary man who loved Mijin (Kang Yewon) in the 80s with a beautiful dream. But due to a minor misunderstanding, he and Mijin break up. After 27 years, the Minkyu we meet is a ‘goose dad’ [T/N: A man who works in Korea while his wife and children stay in an English-speaking country for the sake of the children's education.] in his 40s (Jo Deokhyun) living alone, with lost dreams.
In order to express himself better as the young college student in his 20s during the 80s’, Jinyoung had a transformation in hair style, and donned a pair of large rimmed spectacles. He received much praise for his perfect reenaction of a shy young adult despite it being his first try at acting.

After the trailer was aired, viewers commented, “I’m looking forward to Jinyoung with black hair”, “I thought he was only good at singing… I’ve got to watch this episode live!”, showing much huge anticipation at Jinyoung’s transformation.

The episode of ‘The Thousandth Man’ airing on 31 August is expected to evoke old memories and stimulate the viewers as the scenes of 1980s will be reenacted alongside many famous songs from that generation.

Source: Newsen
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com