B1A4's 'HEY GIRL' Placing First On The Music Charts!

B1A4 placed first on the music charts with their new song, ‘Hey Girl’.

B1A4 released ‘Hey Girl’ as a part of OST part.1, and as soon as it was put up, it placed number one on Cyworld Music Charts and proved themselves as the ‘K-POP Popular Idol’.

They won over B2ST and PSY, who are famous world-wide, with an OST, which gave it more meaning.

‘Hey Girl’ was sung by B1A4, the first group placed as the OST singers. Park Sungho, who also goes by ‘One Shot’, composed the song, and Ji Hoonie wrote the lyrics and created the energetic song with a cute rhythm to it. The drama is a fantasy drama, so the song became its main OST song.

Netizens who listened to the song commented with ‘Just by listening to the OST makes me want to watch it’, ‘I can’t wait for the drama also’, ‘It’s so cute!’, and ‘The drama even has B1A4 singing the OST?’

is about a nine-tailed fox, in our present time, and is going broadcasted on the upcoming 17th.

Article Credits: Newswave + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: Crazy bunny@ FLIGHTB1A4.COM