Actor Lee Je Hoon to enlist in October

Actor Lee Je Hoon will soon be one of the latest male celebrities to temporarily leave from the screen to enter the military.

A rep from Saram Entertainment, Lee Je Hoon’s agency, revealed that Lee Je Hoon will be enlisted officially on October 25th. He applied to serve with the Whistle Theater Team under the Seoul Police Agency just like Cho Seung Woo and Ryu Soo Young.

The rep added, “After finishing promotions for his film ‘The Ethics of Anger’ and filming for another film ‘My Pavarotti’, he will then enlist immediately.”

Ahead of his 22 months of civic duty, the 28-year-old actor will visit China on August 29 to take part in a diplomacy event, which will mark 20th year of goodwill between Korea and China.