4minute recorded video messages for their future husbands!

4minute recently went to the Singapore Flyer in a recent recording of QTV's 4minute Travel Maker. While chatting inside the ferris wheel, the members brought up that the Singapore Flyer is a popular place to propose and suggested that each member leave a message to her future spouse.

During Hyunah's turn, she shyly lowered her head and said, "Hello, future spouse, please take care of me in the future and give Hyunah lots of love." The other members immediately rejected her message and brought out laughter with their criticisms like, "That was awkward" and "Stop thinking about the fans".

Hyunah then reverted back to her usual self and left a new video message: "Hubby! I'll make you steak for breakfast in the morning. If not, I'll earn a lot of money so I can hire someone who can cook steak for you every morning. Also, if you want to live with me, you'll have to raise 101 dogs. The first floor of the house can be for hubby and the dogs. I'll live on the second floor. What I mean is, we'll each have our own room."The members all had absurd expressions from Hyunah's ridiculous statements that were said as if she was a spoiled young girl.

Gayoon also left a video message for her future spouse, saying, "I'm in Singapore and it's really great here. To come here often, we need to make a lot of money. Please start working hard now and I'll work hard to earn money too." Gayoon's honest video message caused the other members to burst out in laughter.

Source: Naver & 4MF