2NE1 Answers Questions From Billboard!

Billboard recently interviewed 2NE1 in NYC about their ‘New Evolution’ global tour and upcoming activities.

CL talked about the importance of their fans, the concept of ‘I Love You,’ and what to expect in their new album. She stated, “Our next album is going to be more expected 2NE1, but to another level.” Like the previous releases, Teddy Park will be producing and coordinating most of the work in the album.

CL also alluded to the force of girl groups trying to break into America saying, “Korea is like passionate about music right now and performing, and I love how you know it’s like ‘Girls’ power’ right now.” The group hoped that their English releases and global tour would allow American fans to connect to it.

In a short amount of time, 2NE1 has attracted the attention of the media and completed numerous interviews with Reuters, Facebook, and now Billboard. What’s next on the agenda for these girls?

Check out the short interview below!

Sources: BillboardMagazine @YT, billboard.com
Cr: Kelvin838@YGLadies.com