[VIDEO] Skull&Haha challenges hip hop duo Leessang

While the public’s eyes are on Skull&Haha’s upcoming title track “Busan Vacance”, the duo has yet made another headlines, challenging some of the other musical duos in the music scene.

Skull&Haha’s Quanoffice posted a video on YouTube showing HaHa’s manager hand delivering the message to Leessang members Gil and Gary, who were on their way home after completing their schedule.

The duel challenge reads, “Let’s have a go!! 2 on 2!! Location is Busan!! –Skull & Haha”. However, Leessang didn’t take the challenge seriously saying, “What’s this?” and just threw the message on the floor.

A representative from HaHa’s stated, “Skull&Haha has matured enough in terms of music to gain confidence to challenge Leessang, one of Korea’s greatest musicians. They paid a lot of attention to the production of this album.”