[VIDEO] HaHa & Taw sends love call to TaeTiSeo through “Wire to Wire”

HaHa and Taw release their new collaboration album “Acoustic Tuning Time; Repackage” on the 10th of July, along with its title song “Wire to Wire”.

The new album makes headlines in the market as netizens have found the lyrics in title track “Wire to Wire” to be especially interesting and witty. One particular verse says, “Until TaeTiSeo features, until Kim Tae Hee agrees to be our music video actress, we are going to keep making noise”, sending their obvious love calls to the stars.

HaHa also showed his respect for fellow artist LeeSsang, expressing, “Although I have waited patiently, I will fly like a butterfly into the sky, just like LeeSsang has been able to fly close to the Sky.”

Check out the video below!