SBS PD will not contact T-ara in the future!

After the controversial announcement of T-ara Hwayoung's contract termination, SBS PD's "Will not contact T-ara in the future" is attracting attention.

"A big surprised captured" when the SBS PD Ryu Cheolmin left a post on his Facebook, "Aigoo Hwayoungah. Ah this oppa will not reach out to T-ara in the future."

Ryu PD's remarks are in response to Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwangsoo announcing he is terminating Hwayoung's contract with T-ara, which is currently attracting an enormous amount of attention.

Ryu PD's remarks also attracted a reply from the MBC drama "Lights and Shadow" PD/director Lee Sangyub who said "Oh~ Me too then."

From the comments, it appears as if the PDs side in the favor of Hwayoung. However, some netizens have suggested that the PDs should not talk about this publicly because it can be considered "inappropriate."

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem