[PICTURE] Yoo In Na takes a selca inside a taxi

Actress Yoo In Na updated fans on her whereabouts with a new photo.

On July 17th, the actress posted on her me2day page, “Taxi… My toes are frozen thanks to the air conditioner. Should I tell the cab driver that I’m cold? What if the driver is still hot? Ah~ Should I say it or not? I’m going back and forth so many times. What? We’re already at the destination?”

Yoo In Na attached a photo of herself taken in the backseat of a taxi. The photo shows the actress with fuzzy hair under black cap. She is wearing comfortable clothes and earphones, looking natural with less makeup.

Netizens commented, “Yoo In Na’s getting prettier since she started dating Ji Hyun Woo”, “You’ll get cold unnie. Next time tell the driver”, “You’re such a sweetheart” and “She’s so cute.”