[PICTURE] FNC’s new group AOA introduces fifth member Yunaria

FNC Entertainment, the agency that houses to CNBLUE, FT Island and Juniel, will soon be launching its first girl group named AOA, stands for “Ace of Angels”.

A teaser website (http://a-o-a.co.kr/) for the group has been recently opened. The main page of the site also displays a book, with more “pages” that will be revealed at a later date.

After revealing the first member Seolhyunari [Brain Among the Angels], second member Choaya [Who Has A Heavenly Voice], third member Hyejeong.Linus [Who is the Most Beautiful Among Angels] and fourth member Chanmi T.T [Who Loves To Dance], the next page introduced the fifth angel of the group named Yunaria [Who Loves to Play the Glass Filled with Water].