[NEWS] YG collaborates with Kiehl for ‘Meet Mr. Bones’ Project

YG Entertainment has joined hands with American cosmetics brand Kiehl for its latest global social project, ‘Meet Mr. Bones’.

The ‘Meet Mr. Bones’ Project brings together 13 different celebrities around the world, including Alicia Keys, Zach Galifianakis and Kenny Scharf, as well as members of the YG Entertainment’s very own Yoo In Na, Sean and Big Bang’s Daesung, to design and build their own “Mr. Bones”.

Partial profits from the project will be donated to organizations supporting HIV/AIDS research, environmental issues, and children’s causes worldwide.

The customized skeletons will go on display at Kiehl’s New York metro area stores from June 2nd to July 14th while the “Mr. Bones” created by YG Family will be on display from July 29th to mid-August at Kiehl’s stores nationwide in South Korea.