[NEWS] Yesung tweets a photo with Seohyun!

On July 26th, Yesung tweeted through his personal Twitter account, “With my dongsaeng (younger sister), Seohyun who is really nice” and attached a photo of himself and Seohyun along with his status update.

In the photo shared, Yesung and Seohyun were looking at the camera while striking a heartwarming pose together with bright smiles on their faces. Dressed in a white one-piece to match with her feminine wavy hairstyle as well as neat make-up, Seohyun flaunted her mature charm.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Awesome… Yesung is handsome and Seohyun is pretty!”, “What should I eat to be like Seohyun? I need the recipe urgently”, etc.

Credit: newsen.com