[NEWS] Who is the scariest group for Baekho?

After School was chosen by NU'EST's Baekho as the scariest senior group.

After School and NU'EST are from the same agency. Both groups made an appearance in MBC Music Show Champion on the 17th of July.

On the same day, NU'EST was introduced to the staff by UEE. And then, UEE asked "What kind of senior group is After School?" Minhyun replied with "The one that we respect the most" but Baekho's replied was "Scary sunbae". UEE was shocked by Baekho's answer and asked him "Baekho what did you say" and the members laughed because of this funny scene.

UEE was the reason behind Baekho's name, he revealed that she gave him the stage name he has right now. Also, in an interview, Baekho chose UEE as her favorite After School member, showing interest in UEE.

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews,net