[NEWS] U-KISS in a Venezuelan Newspaper!

Korean group who introduced dirty hip-hop from USA began in Japan

U-kiss: The ubiquitous of kpop
The 7 member group introduced themselves in Colombia as part of the “Evento 40”
U-kiss was formed in Korea by the agency NH Media and, like many others, they gave their first steps in the Japanese music industry in the middle of August 2008, with a very peculiar stile of music called 'dirty hip-hop'. Later the group debuted in south korean television, interpreting their single 'Not young' at M!Countdown, a famous music show of this asiatic country television. In September of the same year, they released their first mini-album named 'New generation'.

The group is currently formed by Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Kevin, Dongho, Hoon and AJ (previously there were another two members, Alexander and Kim Kibum, who left the band in 2011). Their name is an acronym which means that the boys have the hability to be at the right place at the right time, giving the impression of being everywhere, and it also makes reference to be international super stars of Korea.

In February 2009 they released their second mini-album 'Bring it back to old school' and in June they started their promotions in China. The boys also had various fanmeetings in Thailand. After that the incorporation of a seventh member Lee Kiseop was announced, U-kiss released their trird mini-album 'ContiUkiss' on November 5th.

By February 2010 they promoted their first full-length album named 'Only one' and in October they released 'Break time', their third mini-album. 'Bran new kiss', their fourth mini-album, was released in March 2011. In September was born 'Neverland', their second full-length album.

For the year 2012, this septette has worked on 9 reality shows. They have won several awards, among which stands out SBS, MTV Best of the Best Awards, in the category of 'Best Music Video'.This year they promoted 'Dora Dora' in April. In Mayy, they became the first asian group to perform at Bogotá, Columbia, as part of the artist who performed at the gig 'Evento 40'. The previous day, they enjoyed a fanmeeting with colombian KissMe, where had been fans from Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Panama and Bolivia. In June 2012, they pleased their fans with 'The special for KissMe' and they made their japanese comeback in February with 'A Shared Dream'.

Shin Soo Hyun
Born on March 11st 1989 in Korea. He is a former trainee of Good and JYP Enterteinment, taining as a singer and actor. He's the leader of the group, main vocalist and dancer. His motto is 'there's no success without suffering'. In March of 2012, he released a single (something I'm not able to read, sorry) 'Snowman'.

Lee Ki Seop
Born on January 17th 1991 in Korea, he's the main dancer and singer. He joined the group in 2009, for the recording of 'Man Man Ha Ni'. He can make Beat Box.

Kim Kyung Jae (Eli)
Born on March 13th 1991 in Los Angeles, California, USA: He's the main rapper, support vocalist and dancer. He speaks English, Korean and Mandarin.

Kim Jae Seop (AJ)
Born in June 4th 1991 in Korea, he's the second main rapper, support vocalist and dancer. He was one of the members of the disbanded group Paran. He speaks English and Korean.

Yeo Hoon Min
Born in August 16th 1991, he's main vocalist and dancer. Before his debut with U-kiss he was a solo artist. He was selected because of his phisical appearance and his music skills.

Woo Sung Hyun (Kevin)
Born on September 25th in San Francisco, USA. He's the second main vocalist, second main dancer and image of the group. He's a former member of the group Xing.

Shin Dong Ho
Born on June 29th 1994 in China, he's support vocalist, dancer and maknae. He speaks Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English.

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