[NEWS] Tiger JK reveals that Lee Hyori rejected the song that he wrote

Hip hop artist Tiger JK expressed his disappointment at Lee Hyori’s rejection of a song he once offered to her on ‘You and I’.

On July 15th episode of SBS ‘You and I’, Tiger JK revealed, “I gave a song to Lee Hyori, and she refused it.”

Lee Hyori said, “I not a hip-hop artist so I had a hard time asking Tiger JK for a song. However, he gave me one with Yoon Mirae singing as a guide.”

Regarding why she refused to take it, Lee Hyori explained, “I wasn’t sure if I could sing it better than Yoon Mirae, so that’s why I declined.”

Tiger JK then replied, “My pride was hurt. I spent the whole night working on the song and I even woke up my tired wife from her sleep to do the guide recording.”

The other MC Jung Jae Hyung then asked Tiger JK, “Weren’t you a fan of Lee Hyori?," to which the hip hop artist answered jokingly, "A long time ago.”

Source: StarN News