[NEWS] T-ara's new member Areum, "I felt burdened and didn't want to damage the group by joining"!

T-ara's new member Areum has been catching the attention of the public recently.

T-ara grabbed viewers' attention with their emotional stage on the 13th at KBS2 "Music Bank" and performed their new song "Day by Day". T-ara came back one week ago, but they already launched into third place on their first entry on the charts.

Among the existing members was an eye-catching eighth member Areum who brought a soft and fresh voice to T-ara.

T-ara's new member Areum met with reporters after successfully debuting with T-ara and said, "It doesn't feel real yet to me. I remember seeing them on TV and didn't know if I could blend in with them, but I'm very grateful that I had such good fortune."

"Now that the first stage is over, I feel much more relaxed," she said. "In the beginning, it was difficult wearing heels but I continued to practice hard and then improved a lot in order to perform on stage."

Bringing a new member into a group has the possibility or being a success or failure, so it's a high risk. It's the case for any "new recruit" members. Because of the group's already established name, the members can get popularity faster. However, after the group adjustment, there can pressure and burdens put on the group if they don't help contribute to a growing popularity and the pressure will be a challenge for the group.

Areum said, "There was a big burden on me in fact. I thought that because T-ara is already a highly successful group, I was worried that maybe I could damage that. However, after debuting I felt like 'My unnies really do have a lot of experience.' I think I will be good if I simply just follow along with them."

The part-time maknae Areum. The decision was made recently that a younger ninth member name Dani will join in October. The comparison between the two new members will be inevitable. When asked about this Areum said, "I don't pay attention to what's written about me. Me and Dani are two different people with different charms. Like Suzy, I want to be a representative from the '94 line in both acting and singing. Like a onion shedding it's layers, I want to show my charms one by one."

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Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem