[NEWS] Sungjae receives his “Identity Card”!

BTOB’s Sunghae has just received his identity card.

In the afternoon of the 26th of June, Sungjae revealed the collection of his identity card on twitter, coupled with pictures. In the photo, Sungjae was wearing a cute hat and posing with a V, again showing off his cute charm.

Sungjae who was born in 1995 has reached 17 years of age, and is in the second year of high school. As the tallest in the group, he was the only one who had yet to receive his identity card, being the youngest.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Finally got your identity card!”, “Yuk Sungjae is old now!”, “Oh, congrats congrats”, “So agitated on getting your identity card, you look so excited in your photo.”

At the same time, BTOB held a showcase in Indonesia, gaining them the attention of the local media and fans. A representative of the local tv station said, “Even though they are newbies, BTOB showed their potential on stage, working well with fans, causing everyone to be surprised.”

Source: Newsen
Chinese Translation: 绿茶
trans: @teresakoh_ via: @SungJae_fanbase