[NEWS] Sistar, Most Upgraded Secret?

There is a lot of competition with girl groups and it gets difficult but Sistar is rather, on the winning side. The number of events they have increased, salaries(for events) has also increased.

Sistar’s ‘Loving U’, in it’s first week of release, climbed to first place in the Billboard K-Pop Charts. Previously in April, their title ‘Alone’ was also first place in many music charts.

Not only did the songs become hits, but the team had also upgraded. 2 years ago, Sistar debuted in June 2010 and you could see their music becoming a trend.

However, ‘Push Push’, ‘Shady Girl’, ‘How Dare You’, etc, after 3 consecutive hits/singles, ‘So Cool’, ‘Ma Boy’(SISTAR19) received more love and they were firmly positioned girl group.

The 4 members that had at least 2 years of training and tough times, are idols that even when using electronic sounds and autotunes, sounds even better and the strategies used to grow(as a group,etc) and to differentiate themselves was well done.


In the girl group, there is also certain member that are a big advantage to the group. Even with husky vocals, a cool vocal, Hyorin, on ‘Immortal Song 2’,etc, had been recognized. Bora also showed and got the nickname ‘Athletic-dol’ because of her healthy image. Recently, their 93-liner, Maknae(youngest), Dasom has been getting attention for her pretty face.

If you meet these girls, you can see that they are far from being prudish and they are they are actually very pleasant and easygoing and they give off a bright energy. They do not give off an aggressive feel and it makes your mood better. They are a girl group that gives off passion on their stages. That is why many of the public wishes that they could be friends, or sisters with them. They have also increased in many Ahjussi(uncle) fans. ‘Healthy+Sexy+ Skilful’ Sistar, in future, is expected to continue to show their developing-selves.

Translated by: SISTARnews